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The Art of Healthy Living

by Charlene Schosser, nutraMetrix® Consultant

Living healthy is an art. It takes planning, preparation, dedication, and most of the time, a change in your living style. It is not easy. Nor is it simple. Yet it is quite easy and it is simple.

Eating, exercising and reducing stress are all components that come into play when you consult with someone on how to live healthy. Does living healthy guarantee longevity? Sorry folks, there are not guarantees in life, nor living. However, there are many steps most individuals can take to live life healthier. Most of what I am going to reveal boils down to common sense practices.

Eating is a huge factor. I recently had a doctor ask at a presentation, “what is food?”. This seems like a simple question. Being the all-so-mighty-health crowd we all responded, fuel. However, food is the ingredient that provides you with function of your body. Not all foods help or work in tandem with your genetics or your lifestyle. This can be achieved if you know about your genetic makeup. The fact is most of us won’t know or get that tested.

So there are a few basic rules that are simple to follow. Eat colorful fresh non-processed food. Vegetables and fruits are amazing and provide fantastic nutritional support. Vegetables are almost fair game, in other words you can eat as much of most vegetables as you want (excluding potato). Be careful to limit yourself to two or three fruits per day even though they provide valuable fiber, the sugar content can still be very high.

Avoid dairy. Did you know most good sources of calcium don’t come from milk? Another good reason to dig in to those dark leafy greens. I for one am a huge cheese lover and although I know it is not the best food in town, I just limit the amount I eat. Protein is important to everyone, even vegans. But guess what? We all eat too much of that too. So try to portion control when you eat. Your fist can be a good guide in size.

Exercise. I always have referred to this as the E word. Not many people like it, but the fact is both cardio and strength training can help you now and in later life by building valuable muscle and decreasing fat. If you don’t have a lot of extra fat, chances are you won’t have a lot of health challenges. This applies to everyone. I have known plenty of skinny people who carry way too much fat.

Finally, try to find ways in which you can reduce stress daily. Our bodies were not designed to be in constant stress mode. This makes our body continually have high cortisol levels. Again, not good for anyone’s health. Take a yoga class, meditate, do pilates, go paddleboarding or sailing. Or simply find a quite corner and read a book or stare out the window. Whatever works will help you get on the road to a happier and healthier life.

So change your thinking and discover how to live your life just a little bit healthier.

Updated: October 12, 2012 — 12:07 pm

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